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How To Stop a Tax Levy

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

IRS Collections Division has resumed normal operations. IRS Collections is responsible for collecting back taxes and collecting un-filed tax returns. Much of the enforcement effort by IRS Collections had been on hold during the pandemic. IRS is again actively working to collect on tax debts from 2019 and 2020. See the communication below that was just released by the IRS.

Balance due Notices are generally automatically sent to taxpayers after the tax filing deadline to those the IRS believes has a tax bill. Beginning June 15, 2021, the IRS expects to begin following up with taxpayers who failed to respond to prior notices. Taxpayers (some with 2020 and/or 2019 tax liabilities) will be notified that they have 30 days (45 if out of the country) to respond or pay their tax bills. Taxpayers who fail to respond to these additional letters could be subject to levies or Notice of Federal Tax Lien filings beginning Aug. 15, 2021

Millions of notices were sent out on Jun 15, 2021. Our firm works with taxpayers in Winchester, VA dealing with IRS debt. If you receive a Final Notice of Levy it usually means you have ignored previous balance due notices sent to you by the IRS. Best way to avoid a tax levy?

  1. Start working with the IRS

  2. Open the mail

  3. Call the IRS

  4. Get into compliance

  5. Provide documentation

  6. Propose a resolution alternative

A good tax debt resolution professional can help you with the process. Once you receive that Final Notice of Levy, you have 30 days to respond or face levy actions which could include wage garnishment or the IRS taking money from your bank account. Take action now to avoid a tax levy or tax lien.

At Tax Debt Resolution Services of Winchester VA, we help you eliminate your IRS issues and the stress the IRS has created in your life and help you get back to doing what you do best! We help our clients in Winchester, VA to resolve their tax debts! If you need assistance please feel free to contact me at 540-662-4432 or

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