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What To Do When Your Spouse Owes the IRS

At Tax Debt Resolution Services of Winchester, VA, we help clients in Winchester, VA and Martinsburg, WV with tax issues. What happens if your spouse reports something wrong on the taxes and you had no idea about it, and now you owe? You may qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief.

Married taxpayers are allowed to file a joint tax return with their spouses, creating many ways the couple can save taxes. However, with a joint tax return comes joint-and several liability. Both spouses are liable for any tax liability associated with the tax return, either from the filed return or from a subsequent examination by the IRS.

Sometimes life is full of surprises. You just got a letter from the IRS demanding additional taxes from your last year’s tax return. You have always relied on your spouse to prepare your returns. You do not understand how the IRS thinks you did not report an additional $50,000 of income. Now the IRS wants $20,000 for back taxes, penalties, and interest.

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